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Our People

Coordination of Supports

Sarah Botto- COS Manager - Darwin, Katherine, Alice Srings

Donna Andersen- COS, Alice Springs

Kirsty Emmott- COS, Alice Springs

Amanda Hofer- COS, Alice Springs

Rebecca Lean- COS, Katherine

Tania Paraone- COS, Katherine

Lisa Orcher- COS, Katherine

Kinship and Foster Care Assessment Team

Kelly McGregor- KFAST Manager, Katherine


Kyla St Jaye- EqualiTEA/SIL - Manager, Katherine

Hannah Savaiinaea- Team Leader, Alice Springs

Kathy Walker- EEA, Katherine

Jackson Hourigan- EEA, Katherine

Dominic Tanui- EEA, Katherine

Chris Umeji- EEA, Alice Springs

Salah Eliaiser - EEA, Alice Springs

John Ding- EEA, Alice Springs

Tashi Sherpa- EEA, Katherine

Shuju Poudel- EQ House Project Assistant, Katherine

Harmond Yates- Supported Employee & General Maintenance Assistant, Katherine

Justin Williams- Supported General Maintenance Assistant, Alice Springs

Juan Williams- Supported General Maintenance Assistant, Alice Springs

Alicia McCormack- Supported Trainee Administration Assistant, Alice Springs

Corporate Services

Tina Clerke- Acting CEO/COO

Hiruni Manawadu- Finance Officer

Rasmita Puri- NDIS Administration Officer

Kali Ioannou- Communications & Marketing Officer

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