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Q: What’s the difference between NDIA and NDIS?

A: The A stands for agency (the people who run the scheme) and the S stands for scheme. So the agency run the scheme. 


Q: Will things be different for me on the NDIS? 

A: Yes- but hopefully in a positive way. You now get to have more choice and control over your life, and choose supports the way you want them. The NDIS is designed to fit around you, not you fit around it. We also know that the changes associated with the NDIS can be scary and overwhelming, you can always call us at NT Friendship & Support if you’re feeling overwhelmed. 


Q: What about people living with a mental illness? 

A: The NDIS calls this a psycho-social disability. People with a permanent and significant mental illness may be eligible for the NDIS, and can then access the supports they need. 

Q: What will the NDIS fund? 

A: The NDIA funds ‘reasonable and necessary’ supports. This means something that represents value for money, is related to your disability, is needed for you to function well. This might be things like: mobility aids, support to build your skills and capacity, communication support, support to manage your own self-care, learning and employment and support to access the community or workforce. 


Q: What is ‘reasonable and necessary’?

A: Reasonable and necessary is the legislation (section 34, NDIS Act) that helps the NDIS make decisions about what they will and won't fund. Understanding reasonable and necessary not only makes you an NDIS-wizard, but also means you're more likely to get the supports you need. 

Q: I just got knocked back from the NDIS.. What do I do? 

A: Sometimes the agency will just require more evidence or documentation about your disability. Make sure you read the letter really well to see if this is the case for you. If not, there are a number of services we can support you to connect with that don’t require NDIS funding. 


Q: Will my carers payment or DSP (disability support pension stop)? 

A: No, the NDIS is separate and neither will be affected.

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