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Training, Employment, Activities

EqualiTEA is NT Friendship & Support's newest venture; our social enterprise providing training, employment and activities for people with disability, to help them get their dream job. 

We work with a person, exactly where they are. We work with you to determine your individual readiness for work, your employment goals and then come up with a plan, just for you!


EqualiTEA provides unique, personalised training that supports you to reach your goals, your way. 


Alongside training opportunities, EqualiTEA directly hire people with disability.


EqualiTEA hosts regular events, trainings and activities for people with disabilities and the important people in their life. 

EqualiTEA can support you to: 

  • Explore potential careers

  • Study or train to get your dream job

  • Support you to gain skills to start a micro-business

  • Offer you a paid, volunteer or work placement with our community partners

  • Create a placement with you in one of our scalable social enterprises, or work with you to start one

  • Connect you with future employees

  • Connect you with peers in the same boat as you

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