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First Bottle of Lights, Meet the Artist Event- a sell out!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Our artists from Bottle of Lights have been hard at work!

Bottle of lights started as the brainchild of one of brilliant EEA's, Kathy, alongside our participants.

After months of scrubbing bottles, ordering parts and brain storming, bottle of lights is finally here!

The Meet The Artists Event

Long before the meet the artist event, there was an idea... And after the idea, there was a LOT of cleaning of bottles. Bottle of lights came about when a very creative staff member and some incredibly talented participants banded together for a project.

Their project started as an opportunity to express themselves creatively and learn about business, but it has since grown considerably. Bottles were originally for sale in Katherine, at EqualiTEA cafe, however customers wanted to know more about the people creating the art.

Meet the Artists was our way of connecting the artists, their products and the general public. Each artist had their own stand, their own unique brand and was supported to sell their own work. What we didn't expect- is to COMPLETELY sell out of bottles before the event was even finished!

This is a testament to the hardwork of the participants, and the beautiful, creative designs they have each put up.

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