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Why I won't hire a person with disability

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

What people tell us, and how we challenge their thinking

If you're a person with disability, a family member, or have worked with people with disability you know all too well that the world is still full of barriers. But getting a job shouldn't be one.

It's too hard, the insurance won't cover it, I'll have to hire another person to support them, I can't afford it... These are some of the common objections we hear about employing a person with disability. And they're all wrong.

We've heard all the objections before... And we're also an employer, so we understand the fear and risk that comes with trying something new... But we're here to say that new isn't always bad- and certainly doesn't have to be scary or cost you any more.

Challenging Objections

Too Hard

There are exactly one hundred and fourty six million pieces of legislation, rules and services surrounding employing people with disability. The good news for you, that's what we're there to decipher. The better news- these rules mostly apply to the person with disability. As long as you're offering up a position free from discrimination and are open to work place adaptations- you're doing just fine. Leave the rest to us.


Boooo! Insurance doesn't work like this anymore- it shouldn't cost you any more to employ people with disability, and shouldn't impact your insurance. If it does- reach out to us and we'll send a strongly worded letter to your insurance agency

Extra Support

Most people with disability are able to access the NDIS, and one of the biggest pushes of the NDIS is economic participation of people with disability. What does that mean for you? People with disability can request funding in their plan to cover any support they may need on the job.

I can't afford it

As well as it not costing you ANYTHING extra to hire a person with disability, there are often considerable incentives, depending on how a participant links up with you. Moreover, the social gains are considerable.

NT Friendship & Support offer specialised training in disability awareness (and employment) to all workplaces. To find out more, get in contact today.

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