The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) is a basic home help and social support program funded by the Australian Federal Government. It assists older people to live and cope on their own, and who don’t yet need higher levels of care at home. To access the program you only need a simple, straightforward assessment of your situation to work out what is best for you.

What types of services are provided?

CHSP services provided by NTFS may include:

Activities in a community-based setting or at home.

Transport to assist people get out for shopping or appointments.

Social Support giving people a hand with accessing community activities or providing company for a chat.

Carer Respite to support the carers that help care for you.

How do I know if CHSP is right for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you 65 years or older, or (50 years or older and identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person?)
  • Are you still living at home?
  • Do you think that if you don’t get some basic help at home, you might have to go into an aged care home before you’re ready?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then you, or your carer, can apply for CHSP services from NT Friendship and Support.

How does the CHSP assessment work?

Under CHSP you and your carers don’t have to worry about having a comprehensive assessment to work out weather you need services. A basic assessment is conducted by a My Aged Care regional assessor who will talk to you about your needs. Together, you will be able to work out what sort of assistance and how much to meet your needs.  They’ll also make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. Its all about what’s best for you. 

Do you have an unpaid carer, such as a family member or neighbour?

If you have a carer, the basic assessment will also take into consideration their needs in order to determine how they can best support you. CHSP can arrange for someone to help your carer get the breaks they need as well as providing expert advice and support if theyneed it.

Who pays for CHSP services?

The Australian Government funds CHSP service providers so they can deliver services to you however consumers are expected to pay a contribution for activates and services (where possible). There may be a small fee for some services which will be outlined in the monthly client calendar.