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Out of Home Care

Out of Home care offers a safe and nurturing home to children who cannot live with their family and are under the Care and Protection Act with Territory Families. Care is provided in family homes of assessed, trained and accredited foster or kinship carers. 

Foster carers play a vital role in our community, providing a safe and nurturing home to children and young people who cannot live with their birth family. Kinship Care places the young person with carers who are recognised as having an existing relationship or connection through family, community, or country.

Children and young people requiring foster/kinship care can be any age (up to 18years), and come from various cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Young people are placed in care for a range of reasons, as a result of a court order or through a voluntary arrangement between the young person’s parent and a service provider. It could be overnight, for a month or longer- it all depends on the needs of the child/young person.

NT Friendship & Support is committed to improving the accessibility, flexibility and quality of life for children young people placed in our care. 

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