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Code of Conduct- Commonwealth Home Support Programme Volunteers

Volunteers have a special place in our organization and assist in many ways. This may include interaction with individuals and in groups in a range of different activities.

NT Friendship and Support (NTFS) has a Volunteer’s Code of Conduct that outlines the standard of behaviour expected of every NT Friendship and Support volunteer. While volunteering with NTFS, you are required to be aware of this Code and to observe its principles. NTFS respects the rights of both clients and volunteer workers and will take seriously allegations of abuse against a client or volunteer.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Your volunteer work for NT Friendship and Support may involve access to confidential information. You should not discuss personal information about clients, staff or carers with members of the public, other clients or other organizations.


Training and Performance Review

As a volunteer with NTFS you will be provided with the training and ongoing support needed to successfully undertake a voluntary role within the organization. This includes basic first aid training and cultural awareness training. The executive officer may also conduct a review of your service with NTFS.


Health and Safety

As a volunteer with NT Friendship and Support you have a responsibility to:

  • Take reasonable care to avoid causing injury, loss or damage to yourself or others;

  • Take reasonable care to avoid causing loss or damage to any property.

  • Notify NTFS staff if you notice a safety hazard, or encounter an incident which is, or may be, a health or safety concern to you or others.

  • Consent to NTFS staff administering first aid if you are injured or fall ill whilst performing voluntary services for NTFS


Employment Screening – Police Certificates Policy

This policy applies to volunteers engaged in care/service delivery of Community Home Support Programme services who in the course of their duties are likely to have, direct and unsupervised contact with care/service recipients. The aim of this screening is to ensure the safety of our clients when in the care of our service providers. It does not necessarily disqualify a person if there is a record of a minor offence

Volunteers are expected to:

  • Respect decisions made by the NT Friendship and Support Executive officer and board.

  • Observe similar standards of behaviour and ethical conduct to that required of staff, act within the law, be honest and fair, respect other people, and work to the best of your ability. Maintain professional boundaries at all time.

  •  Appreciate that NTFS staff have a special duty of care for clients that cannot be delegated or transferred to others. The Executive officer is the spokesperson for the organization.

  • Appreciate that clients have rights and responsibilities. Treat all clients with dignity and respect. The volunteer must also acknowledge the relationship is based on unequal power and unequal responsibility.

  • Observe confidentiality in respect of all information gained as a volunteer.

  • Accept and follow directions from the Executive officer or NTFS staff. Seek guidance through clarification if uncertain of tasks or requirements. Familiarize yourself with organizational policies and guidelines.

  • Observe safe work practices to avoid unnecessary risks and report to the organization any hazard or hazardous practice including incidents, injury or property damage.

  • Avoid waste or extravagance and make proper use of the resources of the organization.

  • Provide timely written reports of client contact, including hours / details of support given.

  • Notify the office if you are unwell, or have symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain or fever. Do not visit clients whilst unwell.

  • Not hold keys, valuables or money for clients, or accept gifts or money from clients.

  • Visit clients as per a scheduled roster, not unexpectedly,  dressed neatly and appropriately, On arrival to clients home, knock and identify the service, “Good Morning NT Friendship and Support”. Do not enter the clients home until invited.

  • Respect clients’ privacy, culture, religion and personal circumstances. Avoid making judgment or comment about their lifestyle choices.


Volunteers rights

  • To work in a healthy and safe environment and be adequately covered by insurance.

  • To be given accurate and truthful information about NTFS and the clients.

  • To be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses once a tax compliant invoice/ receipt and client contact report is produced

  • Not fill a position previously held by a paid worker;

  • To have a job description and agreed working hours and to be to be provided with orientation to the organization;

  • To have access to a grievance procedure

  • To have your confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 1988;

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