The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is now rolling out in Katherine and surrounding communities and NT Friendship & Support can assist you to get connected, prepare for your planning meeting, and coordinate the implementation of your plan.

The NDIS is transforming the way disability supports are funded and delivered. The NDIS puts people with disability at the centre of the system, allowing them to determine their own future and receive funding to meet their needs and goals

The NDIS supports people with significant and permanent disability who meet any of the following criteria:
• Have significant limitations in communication, mobility or self care
• Have an intellectual disability
• Have a condition for which early intervention would result in an improved level of functioning
• Be a person for whom intervention would have significant benefits
Once you qualify, under 65, you are in the scheme for life.

Services and supports
Under the NDIS you are not limited to your existing supports. Examples of the things that you can include in your Plan:
*Work and study assistance
*Mobility and technological aids
*Living skills like shopping or cooking
*Connecting with support groups and mentors
*Support for family and carers
*Occupational therapy or physiotherapy
*Community and sports activities

Step 1 Get Ready
The NDIS allows you to change your life. Think through what you would do if you weren’t constrained by the current disability support system and write down your goals.

Step 2 Plan
During the planning process you work with an NDIS Planner to review your needs and goals. You and your planner will design your NDIS Plan and review it regularly.

Step 3 Live your life
Once the Plan is in place, funding is allocated to you for what you need so you can live your life the way you want. You can manage your own funds, nominate another person, or have it managed for you by the NDIA.

NT Friendship can help and support you to be ready for the NDIS as well as provide Coordination of Supports to assist in the implementation of your plan. Call 8971 0027 to see how.